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KanTime Healthcare Software, the nation’s fastest growing post-acute care EMR software provider, has been selected to be Access Nursing Services’ exclusive Electronic Medical Records (EMR) provider.

DALLAS, April 7, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — KanTime Healthcare Software, the Nation’s Fastest Growing Post-Acute Care EMR Software Provider, Has Been Selected as Access Nursing’s Exclusive Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Provider Services in its three branches in New York and New Jersey. By implementing KanTime, Access Nursing Services will have the ability to bring all lines of business together under one roof while improving reporting, data analytics, compliance, and HR functionality.

“Greater NY Nursing has achieved greater efficiency in storing and organizing patient records, tracking data, and protecting our patients’ security and privacy using KanTime’s EMR solution,” says Joshua Weiss, Chief Financial Officer, Greater NY Nursing Services. “Access Nursing Services was recently acquired by Greater NY Nursing Services, a KanTime customer since last summer. We also wanted to make this system available to Access Nursing so that our sister company could share the same benefits of consolidating all business areas under one roof.”

According Sam HauptmanCEO of Greater NY Nursing Services and Access Nursing Services: “KanTime is a great solution to meet our EMR needs. KanTime’s system not only provides the ability to scale and grow our large patient population, it allows us also provides a way to coordinate patient care and also facilitates effective communications between family, doctors and our nurses.”

He added, “After seeing how KanTime runs our systems, we will also be looking for ways to incorporate the program into future acquisitions.”

Sundar KannanManaging Director of KanTime Healthcare Software, is thrilled to have Access Nursing join the KanTime family.

“We are always honored when a current client refers KanTime through their acquisitions,” Sundar said. “KanTime looks forward to growing with Access Nursing Services and helping them provide quality patient care around the clock.”

About KanTime Health Software

KanTime Healthcare Software is an American healthcare technology company that is the nation’s fastest growing post-acute software provider, with more than 500,000 patients, 120,000 users, $5.1 billion in processed complaints, and 32M annual visits. KanTime provides cloud-based enterprise software to home care, hospice, pediatric, private care, hospice and consumer services agencies. KanTime helps agencies improve clinical compliance, increase operational efficiency, and achieve financial success. KanTime works seamlessly on any point-of-service device, whether iOS, Android, or Windows, online and offline. Additionally, KanTime offers robust business intelligence tools that allow upper-level management to explore and act on various clinical, financial, and operational KPIs.


About Greater NY Nursing Services

Greater NY Nursing Services, with a network of experienced Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses, is a comprehensive care management company headquartered in Brooklyn, New Yorkat the service of patients and their families throughout New York State. The company’s mission is to integrate patient care into family dynamics, producing the best outcomes and improving the quality of life for the patient and their family through faster interventions, resulting in fewer hospitalizations. Greater NY Nursing is committed to providing the highest standard of nursing care and aims to enrich the life of every nurse, family member and patient by minimizing preventable complications.

With the recent acquisition of Access Nursing Services, one of the region’s largest providers of skilled healthcare personnel for more than 35 years, our combined companies now offer patients an expanded range of healthcare services across New York and New Jersey. Each company specializes in specific service areas to create one of the leading healthcare organizations in the tri-state area.

For more information, email [email protected] or call 212-NURSING;

About Access Nursing Services

Access Nursing Services, founded in 1985, is a leading regional provider of healthcare personnel to individual patients, as well as prestigious healthcare systems across New York and New Jersey. With over 2,000 private duty nurses; Registered nurses, RPNs, aides and caregivers in five downtown offices and seven hospital-based offices, ACCESS Nursing also offers a high-level private nursing service that provides private nursing care in the hospital and then at home.


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