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Telemetry Unit Nurse Ann Hancock, Lakeview Regional Medical Center, received the DAISY Award for the fourth quarter of 2020. This is a national award that honors extraordinary clinical skills and compassionate care provided every day by the nurses.

She was named by the mother of a patient treated by Hancock at Lakeview Regional in October. She first treated the patient for a pulmonary embolism and later, after undergoing surgery which revealed pulmonary myxomas in the aorta. Hancock treated this patient for the first time on both occasions.

“I very much appreciated Ann’s insightful responses to our questions about my son’s treatment and medication; she gave great advice on what to expect and how to handle the situations we had. encountered,” said Shanta Hollier, the patient’s mother. “She has a great combination of medical experience and empathy with patients and was super efficient, highly skilled, caring and responsive.”

Patients, visitors, nurses, physicians and staff are invited to nominate a Lakeview area nurse each quarter for the DAISY award. The candidate must constantly show empathy and demonstrate a benevolent attitude in all situations; demonstrate extraordinary clinical skills in providing compassionate patient care; have a positive attitude and demonstrate professionalism in the workplace; exemplify the mission, vision and values ​​of Lakeview Regional; and establish a special relationship with patients and their families.

“Our nurses give so much of themselves, often going above and beyond to provide the highest quality and compassionate care to our patients,” said Jennifer Schmidt, Lakeview Regional’s chief nursing officer. “We are proud to be able to recognize these nurses through the DAISY Award program.”

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St. Tammany Health System Wins Five Stars

St. Tammany’s health system earned an overall five-star rating from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which reflects the facility’s performance in treating heart attacks and pneumonia cases, as well as the need for readmission to hospital and the safe management of patients.

Measures considered in the ranking included prompt and effective care; complications and mortality; unplanned hospital care; and the value of care.

The Prompt and Effective Care review shows how often or how quickly St. Tammany Health provides care expected by research to achieve the best outcomes for patients with certain conditions, and how hospitals use imaging tests outpatient medical procedures (such as CT or MRI). This information can help patients compare which hospitals most often provide recommended care as part of their overall patient care.

Complications and mortality measures look at how the hospital applies best care-related practices. Unscheduled hospital visits are another metric where quality and safety can be measured. In other words, did the facility provide sufficient high-quality care to make a return to the hospital for the same problem unnecessary?

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