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Hartsfield Village


Hartsfield Village

Caring for a loved one during rehabilitation from surgery, injury, or illness is a loving endeavor, but when someone needs long-term skilled nursing care, you can’t go it alone. This is where Hartsfield Village in Munster can help.

The experienced professionals at Hartsfield Village Rehabilitation Center provide personalized, high quality, efficient and effective care with a focus on positive outcomes.

Comprehensive rehabilitation services include physical, occupational and speech therapy, respiratory therapy, intravenous therapy, nutrition, wound and pain management programs, to help your loved one on the road to recovery.

Caregivers work hard to make the transition from rehabilitation to recovery as smooth as possible in a supportive environment where patients feel knowledgeable and welcome.

“COVID-19 has introduced an unprecedented set of circumstances in healthcare and beyond, affecting all areas of our lives,” said Susan Seydel, administrator of the Hartsfield Village Rehabilitation Center. “Hartsfield Village’s dedicated team rose to the challenge every day, continuing to provide compassionate care and cutting-edge therapy, while ensuring the comfort and safety of our patients and residents. Providing exceptional care remains our top priority, and it truly is an honor to continue to serve this community. “


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