China scrambles to meet demand for elderly nursing beds


As a country on the verge of solving the problem of its aging population, China is now tackling the problems of care for the elderly, especially the proportional lack of nursing beds for the elderly.

China has a considerable population of disabled elderly people, but the huge demand for professional elderly care services has not yet been met.

To bridge the gap, China’s State Council recently released a plan that specifies a series of support measures to increase the supply of nursing beds in elderly care facilities and to increase their proportion in these establishments at 55% by 2025 – a target set out in the Chinese report. 14th five-year plan (2021-2025).

Support will be provided to around 1,000 public aged care facilities to increase the number of nursing beds, and more of the central government budget will be invested in projects to build new nursing facilities for elderly people. elderly and improving care services, according to the recently released statement. plan.

Efforts will be made to guide local authorities in the implementation of differentiated subsidies for ordinary beds and care beds, to improve protocols for verification of eligible care beds and to establish regulations for the evaluation of the standard. and the quality of long-term care services, according to the plan.

While the supply of aged care beds in professional facilities will be increased, community and home care services are also encouraged.

Many localities have piloted in-home elder care services, offering services such as age-friendly facilities, nursing beds and monitoring equipment.

Institutions are encouraged to provide professional care services directly at home, which will also help meet the demand.


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