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[UPDATED] Each of the city’s 13 skilled nursing facilities has more than 70% of its residents fully immunized according to a facility audit.

However, the city’s health department audit also found that the percentage of residents fully vaccinated and given a booster varies widely from facility to facility.

“Only one facility reported that over 80% of its residents received booster doses, most facilities have around 50-60% of their residents with a booster dose. The remaining five facilities with a lower booster rate to 40% are contacted to discuss their progress,” according to a memo posted last week.

“While PPHD wants to see high booster rates and will continue to facilitate booster doses, there may be a number of valid medical or other reasons why residents have not yet received a booster, so PPHD will continue to collect information to help assess what may include people who are medically ineligible, fully immunized residents who are not yet eligible for their booster dose, or people who have recently started their first dose and are not not yet eligible for recall,” according to the memo.

Since COVID-19 vaccines became available, the city’s health department has required long-term care facilities to provide weekly updates on vaccination and booster rates among staff and residents. In anticipation of Omicron, the city’s health department worked after hours and over the weekend to verify facility-reported vaccinations and boosters to compare facilities’ self-reported information with the facility’s record system. state vaccination to estimate true, fully vaccinated and boosted rates in these countries. facilities.

Nursing care facilities for the elderly are required by the state to provide booster doses to their residents and staff.

The City Health Department has the ability to offer an on-site vaccination clinic when absolutely necessary if other means of booster is not available.

The state has contracted with pharmacies, including CVS and Rite Aid, to provide booster doses to skilled nursing facilities that need help.

The city’s health department has confirmed that each local senior nursing facility in Pasadena has been offered this resource.

“To our knowledge, Pasadena is the only jurisdiction in the state to take this comprehensive approach that verifies the facility’s self-report, which we believe will help us focus resources where they are most needed. and to ensure facilities report as needed,” according to the memo signed by Deputy Director Nick Rodriguez.

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