Elderly care row over cost of 24/7 nursing care


“But we also accepted the recommendation of the royal commission that we would need until 2024 to be able to do this in a way that would not have adverse and consequential impacts on other areas of the health sector. who depend on our nursing staff.


Government budget documents show it is funding nursing for 16 hours a day in response to two major findings on staffing levels in recommendation 86 of the royal commission’s final report.

The first element was to require retirement homes for the aged to have registered nurses, registered nurses and personal care attendants for at least 200 minutes per resident per day for the average resident, with at least 40 minutes provided by a registered nurse.

The second was to ensure that homes had at least one registered nurse on site per aged care facility for morning and afternoon shifts, covering 16 hours a day.

The government formally accepted this recommendation and funded care for 16 hours a day in the May 2021 budget as part of a $17.7 billion package. The government’s response to the royal commission did not mention 24-hour care.

Labor went further in its response to this year’s budget when Albanese pledged $2.5 billion to ensure more nurses and better food quality in homes.

O’Neil said the government never said it would provide 24/7 nursing care because the stated policy was only 4 p.m.

“They’re using ethically corrupt language to try to convince people that they have a policy they’ve never stated before,” she said.

“If they want to change the policy, fine, but let’s at least be honest about what each party is proposing on elderly care.”


The work commitment costs $456.1 million over four years for a costed measure by the Parliamentary Budget Office to ensure nurses are available 24 hours instead of 16 hours. It’s part of the broader $2.5 billion labor policy announced on March 31.

“There is a crisis in this country and that is what it is,” Albanese said in a series of impassioned remarks on elderly care during a campaign door stop in Brisbane on Wednesday. .

“This election is about whether we have a government looking after the people, or whether we have Scott Morrison disappearing, disappearing unless there’s a photo op.”


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