Group adopts residents of two retirement homes for Christmas | New


The Muskogee Elder Resource Council (MERC) resource group adopts residents of one of Muskogee County’s smaller nursing homes and creates a pre-Christmas angel tree-style project each year. They keep the names of private residents, giving each a number instead. Then they ask community partner representatives and community members to help buy Christmas gifts for these people, many of whom have no family to celebrate with.

This year, MERC is adopting residents of two facilities in Muskogee County: the Muskogee Nursing Center and the Haskell Nursing Center. Currently, they have a list of 64 residents of both establishments. Scott Harding, one of the two long-term care ombudsmen, has the list.

If you are interested in adopting one or more residents, contact Scott at (918) 913-9582 or [email protected] Scott will give you the clothing sizes and a short wish list for each resident you adopt, along with that person’s special ID code. This code is VERY important!

All wrapped gifts will be collected from the office, 1012 N. 38th St., Muskogee, by the December MERC meeting. Please ensure that each wrapped gift or gift bag has your recipient’s code number. Each package must have the code number clearly visible on the package or gift bag to ensure it arrives at the correct establishment and recipient.


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