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Clearday provides a solution to the overworked cognitive and aged care industry with Mitra – The Trusted Companion!


Our robotic services give older Americans the ability to afford to stay home in a safe environment that can provide better care solutions by providing advanced therapies and enhancing caregivers”

—James Walesa, CEO


Clearday (CLRD-OTCQX) Clearday today announced its expansion of robotic services to continue its disruption of elder care and provide engaging and meaningful routines that allow older Americans to stay at home rather than go to a home of retirement. Clearday’s robotic services are provided through Mitra, the trusted companion. Clearday has successfully provided its robotic services in its residential care facilities. Robotic services have made the experience more appealing to older Americans and advanced the therapies provided by Clearday. “We are very proud to build on the success of our initial use of robotic services in our facilities and our decades of experience serving older Americans with cognitive challenges to bring robotic services into the home environment,” said said James Walesa, CEO of Clearday. “Our robotic services offer a unique combination of technology and specific applications or cases of care that provide a fun and engaging experience and provide us with a platform to deliver better care, including care that enhances physical therapies and use our proprietary Clearday Virtual streams which are a real breakthrough for cognitive care,” added Mr. Walesa.

Mr. Walesa says Clearday’s mission is to enable older Americans to age in the right place. Ninety percent of Americans want to stay home and face rising expenses and caregiver issues. Mitra provides case care for safety, security and engagement. Mitra will detect falls and other dangerous situations and, relying on exclusive human fleet management, provide alerts, including calling emergency services and family members. Mitra also provides a support platform for prescription management, physical therapies, telehealth and remote monitoring.

Ten thousand Americans turn 65 every day. Seventy-two million Americans are over 65 today. “Our robotic services give older Americans the ability to afford to stay home in a safe environment that can provide better care solutions by delivering advanced therapies and enhancing caregivers,” Walesa noted. “We believe that Mitra, the trusted companion, is a solution to disrupt and improve care for the elderly in a home environment in the same way that we have improved care in our residential facilities,” Mr. Walesa added.

“No one has found a way to beat Father Time and no older American should have an inactive day that complicates their cognitive health. Clearday strives daily to develop products and services to support our mantra, ‘No one should be alone,” says James Walesa.

We care for hundreds of people every day in our Memory Care America communities. We learn from them. We see and hear the stories of families. They feel guilty and don’t know if they are doing the right thing.

Memory Care America serves people with dementia. A new case of dementia is diagnosed every 57 seconds according to the Alzheimer’s Association. We’ve spent nearly a decade building a brand to help those with their hands full to reach out for help!

“We use robots in our communities and they make a huge difference,” said Linda Carrasco, president of MCA. “We are excited to bring the robot team to Little Rock, Arkansas.” We’ll be showcasing them on October 25 in Bryant, Arkansas at 6401 Boone Road, Bryant, AR 72022.

Mitra, a marvel of robotic technology and innovation, stands 44 inches tall with a 24-inch base and best-in-class artificial intelligence and other robotic engineering. It combines the best of robotics from Invento Robotics and decades of senior care experience from Clearday.

Learn more about Clearday (CLRD-OTCQX) and its groundbreaking initiatives, Clearday Laboratorieson the Clearday website

“We pride ourselves on addressing and solving care for the most challenging group first, those with dementia, a market we believe has more than 22 million people,” noted James Walesa.

About Clearday™
Clearday™ is an innovative non-acute longevity health care services company with a hopeful, modern vision to make high-quality care options more accessible, affordable, and empowering for older Americans and those who love them and take care of it. Clearday has a decade-long track record in non-acute care through its Memory Care America subsidiary, which operates highly rated memory care residential communities in four US states. Clearday at Home – its digital service – brings Clearday to the intersection of telehealth, software as a service (SaaS) and subscription content.

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