Hicuity Health Announces Virtual Nursing Services


Dedicated nursing services aim to address shortages and support bedside care teams

ST. LOUIS, March 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Hicuity Health, the nation’s leading provider of high acuity telemedicine services, announced the expansion of its virtual nursing telemedicine services. The expanded suite of care services builds on the company’s 16 years of virtual nursing experience delivering telemedicine care.

Hicuity’s announcement of virtual nursing services addresses key healthcare industry staffing trends and responds to interest expressed by a range of institutions, including current Hicuity partners . Services assign virtual nurses various nursing tasks that do not require hands-on interaction with patients and are usually time consuming. This allows bedside staff to fully focus on patient care and achieve better clinical outcomes. The nursing tasks that can be performed by a virtual nurse are numerous; examples include admission and discharge documentation, patient and family education, medication reconciliation, patient monitoring, bedside nursing preceptor assistance, supplemental documentation and other responsibilities. The Hicuity service is not a one-size-fits-all offering, but rather provides task and workflow flexibility at the unit, hospital or system level.

“Hicuity Health’s virtual nursing services allow a hospital to increase nursing capacity quickly and flexibly. This can provide much-needed support to the bedside nursing team, which, in turn, can reduce the recruitment burden on the hospital and potentially the need to move nurses around. noted Marcia Murphy, vice president of clinical and nursing operations for Hicuity Health. “The impact of virtual nursing engagement is multidimensional. Most importantly, it allows the nursing team to focus on delivering high-quality hands-on care to patients. Virtual nursing provides support in real time to the bedside team, which can help reduce nursing errors, stress, and burnout. In doing so, it can significantly improve hospital clinical care, increase staff flexibility, and reduce hospital costs by improving both the nurse and patient experience.

According to 2021 INS National Report on Healthcare Retention and RN Staffing more than a third of hospitals surveyed in early 2021 reported an RN vacancy rate above 10%. The problem has intensified with clinical challenges and staffing trends in the second half of 2021, exacerbating nursing shortages and driving up clinical costs. The use of virtual nursing ensures that the clinical work that needs to be done is done, while bedside nurses prioritize nursing elements that can only be done in person. The goal is not simply to shift the workload but, in doing so, to improve patient care, staff support and clinical outcomes.

“Throughout Hicuity Health’s history, nursing has been at the heart of the care we provide, whether a client relies on us for tele-ICU, telemetry, or remote monitoring,” emphasized Lou Silverman, CEO of Hicuity Health. “Defining a specific virtual nursing service allows us to leverage our deep expertise in telemedicine delivery and expand our talented nursing staff to support hospitals and other healthcare facilities that are increasingly struggling to adequately staff their functions. Our goal is to collaborate with the hospital care team to improve patient care and better support their care team.”

Hicuity Health is currently under contract to serve over 115 hospitals in 30 states. The Hicuity Health team, comprised of US board-certified providers and other clinicians, conducts 1.2 million patient interactions annually while caring for 120,000 patients.

About Hicuity Health
For over 16 years, Hicuity Health has been at the forefront of telemedicine innovation. Serving a wide range of customers and care settings – including health systems, hospitals and post-acute care facilities – with its rapidly expanding range of services that includes tele-ICU, remote telemetry of inpatients, virtual nursing, virtual on-call, smart device monitoring and shared services, the company is the leader in delivering expert 24/7/365 care to patients from high acuity in high acuity environments. Our innovation is evidenced by our proprietary HUB workflow management technology platform, which enables seamless care delivery and informs patient management across our 11 clinical care centers that serve our more than 115 hospital partners located in 30 states across the country. Hicuity Health supports 120,000 patients annually, delivering better patient outcomes, tangible return on investment, and expert clinical support for bedside teams at our partner hospitals.

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