Investigate the demands for internet-based home nursing services for the elderly


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J Investig Med. December 6, 2021: jim-2021-002118. doi: 10.1136 / jim-2021-002118. Online ahead of print.


The great value of home nursing services in the treatment of conditions in elderly patients has received increasing attention. This study describes a new Internet-based home nursing service system and examines the reasons for its use in elderly patients. 520 cases of internet-based home nursing services were investigated. The proportion of the main reasons for using Internet-based home nursing services among the elderly was analyzed and the satisfaction rate was studied. The constitutive ratios of nursing for pressure ulcers, peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC), subcutaneous injection, general ostomy care, psychological care, and intramuscular injection were 61.35%, 28 , 85%, 6.15%, 1.92%, 1.35% and 0.38%. , respectively. The satisfaction rate with mobile internet home nursing services among elderly patients was 100%. Given the demand for home nursing services for elderly patients, this is the first time that a new internet-based mobile home nursing service is applied to provide home nursing services to patients. elderly and meet their home nursing needs. Pressure ulcer treatment, PICC, subcutaneous injection, general ostomy care, psychological care and intramuscular injection have been shown to be the main reasons for using internet-based home nursing services. in the elderly. The new mobile internet-based home care service system provides convenient home care services to elderly patients and ensures that they have equal rights in home care. The results provide a basis for health care policy makers to formulate new home nursing policies for elderly patients.

PMID:34872934 | DO I:10.1136 / jim-2021-002118


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