MN launches plan to help nursing homes find workers


(KNSI) – Minnesota has a new plan to bring at least 1,000 new nurses to long-term care facilities by the end of January.

Governor Tim Walz announced the initiative to recruit and pay to train nursing assistants. Minnesota plans to use $ 3.5 million of federal US bailout funding to pay for tuition, fees, books, technology needs, and testing fees so that training can be provided free of charge. to students.

The Minnesota Office of Higher Education will lead the program. The program will actively seek out students and help them enroll in one of the state’s certified nursing programs.

Sixteen colleges in the Minnesota state system train approximately 400 National Guard members as temporary emergency nursing assistants in limited-staff facilities, a model the initiative plans to replicate.

Once trained, CNAs will be able to work in long-term care facilities facing severe staff shortages. The program will also provide up to 10 high schools with laboratory equipment to offer practical nurse training courses on site.

The Minnesota Office of Higher Education is assembling a task force of state agencies, higher education institutions, and long-term care providers to implement the recruitment and training program.

According to data from the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, licensed practical nurses are the sixth most in-demand job in the state.


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