More Scholarships for Elderly Nursing, Care and Allied Health


Applications have been opened for 400 scholarships for personal care workers and nurses pursuing professional, undergraduate and postgraduate courses related to elder care, leadership and management.

There are also 100 scholarships available for allied health professionals to focus on dementia-related postgraduate qualifications under the Commonwealth’s three-year scheme, launched last year.

Students are eligible to apply whether their course begins or continues in 2023. There is a guaranteed number of scholarships per year for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

All scholarship recipients are eligible for a completion bonus if they successfully complete their course.

Professor Alison McMillan, director of nursing and midwifery, said the priority for the scholarships was to develop the skills of aged care nurses in leadership and clinical management, and to improve expertise in areas such as palliative care, dementia care and infection prevention and control.

“I encourage all nurses and aged care workers working in aged care to look at what courses are available and to consider applying for studies that will support their careers in the long term,” the professor said. McMillan in a statement.

“Personal care workers interested in becoming a registered nurse should consider applying for a nursing degree scholarship. Registered nurses can apply for a scholarship to complete a bachelor of science in nursing to become a registered nurse,” she said.

For allied health, courses related to care of the elderly including clinical gerontology, behavior management, dementia, continence and palliative care are eligible in addition to leadership and management courses.

Elder Care Nurse Practitioner Khera

Khera, a nurse practitioner in aged care, said the scholarships had changed her life. “The best part of my studies is applying the theories and learnings in the workplace and seeing the positive results.

“The resident may tell you that their symptoms have improved or their family will thank you for taking the time to listen to their concerns. Finding options to resolve them is very rewarding,” she said.

Senior Nursing Unit Director Dianne (pictured top) has held the position for 15 years. She said she was grateful for the scholarships. “Being in a rural and remote area, we need more nurses. If I had not obtained the scholarships, I would not have been able to pay for the studies otherwise.

The scholarships are administered by the Australian College of Nursing for the Department of Health and Aged Care, but applicants do not need to be ACN members.

Older workers are also eligible for other scholarships administered by CAN, including the Mental Health and Allied Health Nursing Scholarship Program and the Puggy Hunter Memorial Scholarship Program, which provides a financial aid for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students pursuing an undergraduate course.

Applications close October 10, 2022. More information and application details are available on the ACN website.

Main image: senior nursing unit manager and Dianne Scholar

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