Mountain Home Care Adds Nursing Services to Home Care and Closes Gap in Patient Needs


ENKA, NC, April 21, 2015 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) – What happens when an aging person needs more home care than Medicare or insurance provides? The recent addition of licensed nursing services from Mountain Home Care bridges the existing and growing gap between patient needs and the amount of coverage of skilled providers.

Adding a professional nurse to a family’s care efforts can make all the difference in handling home care demands, according to Lana Wilde, owner of Mountain Home Care. The addition of nursing services adds depth to the licensed service provider’s ability to provide quality professional services in the home, where clients feel the safest and happiest.

“We know it’s a way to help some people stay in their homes and live independently longer,” she says. “We support this effort. ”

In 1997, the Institute of Medicine released a landmark report suggesting seniors are not getting the care they need, calling for reform. In 2011, IOM published a benchmark survey, “The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health,” identifying “significant gaps in care” in nursing settings. More recently, a 2014 research group found that these gaps were widening, identifying what patients need most: supportive care from skilled caregivers.

Since opening its doors over 12 years ago, Mountain Home Care has always maintained registered nurses to perform assessments and be on call at all times. Today, home nursing services are a welcome addition to its client care options and are provided on the written order of a physician. The attending physician also supervises the nurses and gives directions to their patients, Wilde says.

“This allows us to help the client who is no longer eligible for home health care under their insurance, but who remains unable to support themselves,” explains Lesley Bratro, RN and agency manager .

For example, a person with a wound that is gradually healing may find that Medicare will not cover the cost of having someone come to their home to do a simple bandage, even if they cannot do it themselves. same.

“Who’s going to do this for them?” Bratro asks. “We can now help them with that. ”

Likewise, a person whose medication needs were previously met by a home health care provider may find themselves without assistance when their home health care benefits are no longer in effect. In comparison, the Mountain Home Care client receiving nursing services will be able to ask their nurse to fill out medication schedules, monitor errors, and ensure certain medications are taken on time and correctly. These measures help reduce the risk of emergency room visits, especially for elderly patients.

“Many family caregivers also have jobs or children, which makes it difficult for them to be with a loved one as often as needed,” says Wilde. “Knowing that a trained professional is handling these types of details takes the hassle out of the way and provides peace of mind for the family. “

As the community and health services evolve to meet today’s needs, increasing amounts of care must be provided at home by nurses, says Wilde, who sees nurses as leaders in the “continuum of care.” that customers deserve.

“We are not trying to replace home health care. We can not. But we can fill the void that they cannot.

Since 2003, Mountain Home Care, Arden, has remained the leading provider of private home care, geriatric care management, and skilled nursing services in western North Carolina. Download your free copy of the “Home Care Guide” from

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* Photo caption: Lesley Bratro, RN, Director of Home Nursing at Mountain Home, sees home nursing services as a vital addition to patient support, bridging the gap between payment and care facilities and improving life quality.

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