National Business Research Institute Recognizes Family and Nursing for Their Commitment to the Caregiver Experience


Family and nursing care

The National Business Research Institute (NBRI) is pleased to once again welcome Family & Nursing Care, a resource for individuals to access carefully selected and top caregivers to provide care at home, to Circle of Excellence for the 7th consecutive year!

The NBRI Circle of Excellence Award recognizes organizations that achieve high scores for worker experience through rigorous, science-based psychological research. For this study, Family & Nursing Care interviewed caregivers affiliated with the organization. Organizations must score at or above Stretch Performance at the 75th percentile of their industry, which is no small feat.

Family and nursing care is benchmarked or benchmarked against its industry, which is a subset of NBRI’s big data of 10.5 billion survey responses. Family & Nursing Care is at the 83rd percentile. NBRI commends the leadership of Family & Nursing Care for its commitment to scientific and psychological research of caregivers and the continuous improvement of its caregiver experience.

Family & Nursing Care adopts the best practice of continuously evaluating the experience of caregivers and targeting the variables that drive that experience, including culture, safety, office staff, and technology. NBRI root cause analysis, including linear regressions and random forest models of Family & Nursing Care raw data, provides Family & Nursing Care with the insight and actions needed for continuous improvement thinking, the behavior and experience of caregivers.

“Great business leaders manage the people, processes and products of their organizations. They understand that the rich insights NBRI obtains from their employees, caregivers and customers, enables them to manage how people experience their organization from in a very precise, effective and focused manner. These experiences determine the financial performance of every organization, whether for better or for worse. Understanding thinking and managing experiences for peak performance is what we do at NBRI,” says Dr. Jan G. West, Ph.D., CEO and Psychologist at NBRI “Family & Nursing Care’s great achievement in winning this prestigious award is a direct result of Family & Nursing Care’s dedication to measuring and improving their experience caregiver.”

About family and nursing care

Family & Nursing Care was founded in 1968 to fulfill Sandy Kursban’s vision: to give people the opportunity to age in place with the support of experienced licensed caregivers to assist with activities of daily living and companionship, as well as than skilled nursing. through Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) and Registered Nurses (RNs).

Today, Family & Nursing Care is one of the oldest, largest, and most respected resources for home care services in suburban MD and the Washington, DC area. Dedicated to providing compassionate, progressive and reliable home care services, Family & Nursing Care continues to break down barriers and set benchmarks for the home care services industry. After all, life comes full circle; caregivers become care recipients and vice versa. We continue to look for new ways to support customers, caregivers, families and industry partners on this journey. We continue to complete our circle of care.

About NBRI

NBRI conducts psychological studies of employees, customers and the market for companies and uses this data to help organizations leverage these human factors to make improvements in operations and strategy. With extensive experience across all industries, NBRI’s research teams provide clients with a combination of deep industry knowledge and expert advice. NBRI’s mission is to help its clients set new standards of excellence in their industries. NBRI product offerings, such as benchmarking and deep inferential analytics such as Random Forest with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, ensure that NBRI customers focus on the most impactful problems in the most efficient way .

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