Nebraska Hospitals and Nursing Homes Prepare to Meet Vaccination Mandate | Live well


Hospital officials have done a good job of sharing scientific information with staff members since the requirement was announced, he said. Some have made gains since then.

Kyle Kellum, CEO of Cherry County Hospital in Valentine, said some staff have been vaccinated in recent days.

He said he could have supported the mandate if he had given unvaccinated people the option of wearing masks or having weekly tests instead of getting vaccinated. Many organizations allow workers to mask up instead of getting the flu shot. The lack of choice is particularly concerning, he said, given that vaccines do not stop all infections.

“We believe this is a personal health decision, especially when it doesn’t prevent anyone from getting COVID,” he said.

Health officials say, however, that vaccines continue to reduce infections and offer significant protection against serious illness and death, especially with boosters.

Kellum and Troy Bruntz, president and CEO of McCook Community Hospital, both said they fear the mandate will cost them employees at a time when they have already lost people and have limited capacity. to replace them.

The mandate also means that organizations must track the vaccination status of employees, which also applies to contractors and suppliers who are regularly on site.


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