Nursing homes / assisted living facilities hardest hit so far by vaccination mandate


Forty to 50 people who work at the Livingston County Nursing Home are now on unpaid leave, most of these employees have provided direct care to residents, “LPNs, CNAs and RNs… CNAs are the majority of titles in the nursing field that are part of this mix. Says Ian Coyle, Livingston County Administrator. Right now, New York State allows facilities to hire uncertified licensed practical nurses, vaccinated people who can basically learn on the job, “it’s not something you’d ever see except in that kind of thing. pandemic, emerging situation in which we find ourselves. “Coyle says.

In the meantime, like many other local nursing homes, the Livingston County Nursing Home will not be accepting new residents, which is a problem for local hospitals who are themselves facing a staff shortage and are already have patients who require nursing care in their facilities. “You already needed more staff before the mandate, then add to the mandate, add to this Covid, add to that this dynamic hospital – retirement home without admission because we cannot endow it against us are already full in the hospital, we have to get these patients out and that’s what you have, “says Coyle,” We kind of had this perfect storm brewing. “

For those with family members receiving nursing care, “first of all, caring for their loved ones is the primary focus of the operation,” Coyle explains, “there is still a lot of dust deposition to occur here. , so we don’t know about the religious exemptions, we don’t know if maybe there will be a slight variation to that.


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