Nursing homes brace for White House crackdown

Nursing homes brace for White House crackdown

Regulators seek to focus on transparency, staffing and underperformers

  • White House officials say a recent USA TODAY nursing home survey shows reforms are needed
  • Regulators could impose minimum staffing requirements and tougher penalties for violations
  • Industry groups fear mandates will not come with sufficient funding

Health policy advisers to President Joe Biden quoted a USA TODAY Nursing Home Survey during the pandemic as evidence of a struggling industry in urgent need of reform to crack down on bad performers and profiteers.

The report, released last week, showed residents of a single Midwest chain with 115 campuses died of COVID-19 last winter at twice the national average for nursing homes, based on the numbers institutions must file weekly with the federal government. Presented to USA TODAY findings, the company said it overstated hundreds of deaths during the outbreak.

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