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AUSTIN, Texas, October 13, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Over the summer, Experience Care released the latest updates to its Electronic Health Record (EHR) software, which included a new Physician Order Module that allows clinicians to treat COVID-19 vaccines and other immunizations much faster.

Following a Biden administration rule that requires long-term care facilities to report the immunization status of residents and staff on a weekly basis, nurses began to express frustration with a complex system that left a great deal margin of error. Often, long-term care staff would submit the data, but could not get it to report quickly enough.

Failure to comply with the reporting requirements results in heavy fines. In addition, nurses are forced to spend far too much time in the reporting process, which takes them away from the most pressing needs of their residents and patients. This is a critical issue given the current workforce crisis and the high turnover rate of long-term care nurses.

Experience Care users brought these concerns to the attention of the management team at the weekly NetSolutions Innovator meetings. “They said, ‘You know what’s really difficult? It’s placing a hundred orders to get a vaccine,'” the COO recalled. Gina barrett.

Shortly after this was brought to their attention, Barrett and the CEO Jason long gave their team of developers a simple task: to allow facilities to place a specific order, such as a vaccine, for multiple residents at the same time. “Our users have asked us for a way to quickly place hundreds of vaccine orders and report them without additional documentation after administration,” she said. “So we got there.”

By using Experience Care’s advanced orders for multiple residents, users can place an order for all residents simultaneously. They can also use command sets – like COVID-19 and flu shots – for a single resident with just one click. “For a facility with 100 residents, the process of placing separate resident orders used to take days,” Barrett said. “Now? They can be done in under twenty minutes.” This development is timely, as COVID-19 booster injections have already been approved for the elderly.

Another advantage of this innovative software is that doctors’ prescriptions for a vaccine are automatically entered in the resident’s vaccination record. They are also automatically sent to eCharting for administrative documentation. Once documented, the vaccination record is updated and can be automatically sent to the state registry. “It all comes together seamlessly,” Barrett said. “And it takes the burden of documenting the same thing multiple times off the shoulders of direct long-term care caregivers at a time when they can use all the support they can get.”

In Spring 2022, Experience Care will make physician order entry even more efficient with a new look and workflow. “It’s so user-friendly that our customers will be able to learn how to use it in under an hour,” Barrett said of the latest version of the new physician ordering module.

Notable features include:

  • A more intuitive workflow
  • Easy order entry
  • An easy-to-navigate list of commands that displays additional information with a single click

Much like improving the efficiency of vaccine reporting, these improvements are the product of numerous meetings with multidisciplinary users where they have requested easier workflows and the ability to view and enter orders online. fewer clicks. These technological solutions could be of benefit to caregivers during a difficult time for long-term care facilities.

To test the Experience Care software, click here.

About Experience Care LLC: Founded in 1969, Experience Care LLC provides electronic health records, revenue cycle management and financial systems to qualified nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, nursing retirement communities continuing care, acute long-term care and other long-term care organizations. In the United States, Experience Care’s mission is to make every long-term care organization a fulfilling place to live and work by helping to maximize financial success and compliance for the best people, care and results.

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