Ohio nursing homes get $ 300 million for nursing home workforce


Ohio Governor Mike DeWine

The Ohio legislature sent Gov. Mike DeWine (R) a bill Thursday afternoon that sets aside $ 300 million of more than $ 4 billion in federal coronavirus relief funding for homes in state nursing.

The legislation will invest $ 4.2 billion in federal bailout dollars in schools, health care, first responders and law enforcement; $ 1.89 billion has been allocated to funding health and social services.

The bill, sponsored by state officials Al Cutrona (R) and DJ Swearingen (R), comes with certain conditions, according to LeadingAge Ohio. Funds may be spent exclusively on compensation, staff retention bonuses, overtime pay and shift differential payments, staff recruitment costs and hiring incentives. Not a dime can go to contract workers, staff at recruiting agencies, facility managers, facility managers, or facility owners.

“These funds will help address the major workforce issues our healthcare industry has faced as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic,” Curtona said.

The money comes from federal funds allocated to Ohio and must be distributed by the end of the year. In addition to the $ 300 million for nursing homes, the bill provides $ 23 million for palliative care services and $ 33 million for assisted living facilities, which also encountered staffing issues during the period. COVID-19 pandemic.

“Overall, we’re pretty happy to see this development, especially going into the end of the year,” said Susan Wallace of LeadingAge Ohio.


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