Regulators need to pay more attention to long-term care and nursing


At some point in our lives, perhaps many times, we will go through a long-term or post-acute care (LTPAC) facility. But these institutions are secondary in our healthcare system, and were notably excluded from the vast digitalization of healthcare triggered in the United States by the HITECH Act of 2009 and the Affordable Care Act of 2010.

In this video, you can hear about the technologies and regulations needed in the LTPAC from Bill Charnetski, Executive Vice President, Health System Solutions and Government Affairs at PointClickCare.

Even though skilled nursing facilities, long-term care homes and retirement facilities are highly regulated, Charnetski says regulators don’t really understand the industry’s needs. The CMS and ONC, long focused on acute care, have tried to apply the lessons of acute care inappropriately to long-term care facilities, or simply ignored them.

Technology would greatly benefit LTPAC by making more efficient use of its exhausted staff. Monitoring could also reduce readmissions and other costs. However, since facilities are already stretched to breaking point in terms of staffing and funding, they need outside incentives to install EHRs and other digital technologies.

The next step would be to achieve true health record interoperability, a still elusive goal.

Listen to the video to learn the historical reasons why the LTPAC has not received the attention of regulators, how to tailor incentives to the needs of public health systems, comparisons from different countries, other regulations that would make the LTPAC more effective and who PointClickCare is working with to help regulators effect positive change.

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