Sector baffled as NSW allows unvaccinated visitors to return to nursing homes


Unvaccinated Australians will be allowed to visit NSW aged care homes from next Monday, but aged care facilities will be allowed to keep vaccination requirements for visitors in place if they wish.

In addition to this change, the rule limiting visits to two adults and two children per day for each resident has been downgraded to a recommendation.

These visitation rule changes now align NSW with Victoria and Queensland.

News of the rule change was welcomed by friends and family members of NSW aged care residents who have been banned from visiting loved ones due to their vaccination status.

However, providers and some medical professionals have not reacted positively to the rule changes as health authorities warn that rising COVID-19 infection rates could exceed previous infection spikes throughout of the pandemic and putting increased pressure on the elderly care and healthcare sectors.

New Data from the Department of Health and Aged Care reveals that nearly 100 elderly residents die from COVID in Australia every week.

Sadly, over 2,000 elderly residents have already died of COVID-19 in 2022 so far and there are currently believed to be outbreaks in over 700 Australian nursing homes.

Talk with the Sydney Morning HeraldPaul Sadler, acting chief executive (CEO) of the Aged & Community Care Providers Association (ACCPA) has called on the government to reverse the decision to allow unvaccinated Australians to return to aged care homes.


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