“Shanghai Model” of nursing services for older people with cognitive impairment


Wang Jiayi

A simple game designed for elderly people with cognitive impairments at the Elderly Comprehensive Service Center of Tianshan Road Subdistrict in Changning District.

A total of 170 sub-districts and cities have been included in the city’s trial of friendly communities, akin to the “Shanghai model”, for older people with cognitive impairment.

Coverage will be expanded to include all sub-districts and towns in the city by the end of 2025, civil affairs authorities in Shanghai announced Wednesday, on the occasion of World Alzheimer’s Day.

Shanghai is one of the country’s most aging cities in terms of elderly population, and 80% of sub-districts and cities have so far been involved in the trial launched in late 2019, according to the Civil Affairs Bureau of Shanghai. Shanghai.

They are actively conducting risk assessment, early intervention, education, family support and building a dementia platform with positive results already achieved, the office said.

Sub-districts and cities have introduced non-medical interventions such as brain activation activities, music and art therapies based on the level of cognitive impairment and habits of the elderly.

Training in memory, language, logic, sensation and perception, as well as limb control, can delay the worsening of the disease, promote social interaction in the elderly and keep them in good health. psychologically healthy, the office said.

“Shanghai Model” of nursing services for older people with cognitive impairment

Wang Jiayi

The Tianshan Road Subdistrict Aged Comprehensive Service Center offers a warm atmosphere, with household items to help delay the development of cognitive impairment in elderly residents.

Through exclusive and supplemental community-based nursing and care services, the city is gradually establishing the “Shanghai model” of nursing services for elderly people with cognitive impairment, said Shen Min, deputy director of the office.

“The city will continuously improve its service system for elderly residents with dementia and promote the high-quality development of its elderly care services to ensure that the elderly live happy and quality lives in the city” , Shen said.

Two local standards, one dealing with the establishment of facilities and nursing services for older people with dementia and the other emphasizing the development of friendly communities for older people with dementia, are being developed in the city.

In Changning, Putuo and Jing’an counties, all sub-districts and cities were involved in the lawsuit.

Shanghai’s elderly population aged 60 or over increased to over 87,000 or 1.6 percent in 2021 from a year earlier, accounting for over 36 percent of permanent residents.

By the end of last year, the city had allocated 7,302 beds with nursing functions and services for older people with dementia, and that figure will double by the end of 2025.


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