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Blinded by greed and the love of money, the sons of an elderly widow drove her out of her own home, sold her and sent her to a nursing home. A few days later, the new owner returned her house keys with a heartwarming note that left her hugging and crying.

Michelle, 80, in a wheelchair, has always worried that her sons, Simon and Kevin, will one day send her to a care home, but her children have promised they won’t. “We would never do that to you, mom,” they assured.

Sadly, such promises crumbled just two days before the naive old mother’s 81st birthday when Simon and Kevin handed her paperwork for a nursing home, and the world suddenly tumbled from under her feet…

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“But Simon, why should I move there?” the shocked old mother asked her eldest son. “Kevin, are you into it too? You two promised you’d never do this to me!”

“Oh, honey…Is this happening? Are these my house keys? Please tell me I’m not dreaming,” Michelle yelled as she read the note.

But his sons were not ready to listen to him. She begged them to let her stay, although the house belonged to her late husband and he left it to her. But Simon and Kevin were blinded by their material desires and ignored their mother’s pleas and tears.

“Listen, Mom,” Simon smiled. “We know this is your home, but you can’t stay here alone. You know it’s hard for us to visit you every week. We’ve already made arrangements with the retirement home, and you’ll be there. better cared for. We’ll visit you once a month, okay?”

” To visit me ? I am not a guest. I am your mother ! poor Michelle cried. She felt defeated. She looked around the house, haunted by the fond memories of her family once united under this roof. With a heavy heart, she packed her things and prepared to move into the nursing home, much to the delight of her children.

For illustrative purposes only |  Source: Pixabay

For illustrative purposes only | Source: Pixabay

Two days later, Michelle was taken to a nursing facility in downtown Pittsburgh, about 30 miles from her home. She was crushed and what tormented her deeply was how Simon and Kevin planned to sell his beloved home to buy new cars and jewelry for their wives.

“Are you selling my house?” she asked them in tears. “But you told me you would take care of it when you asked me to sign some papers.”

“Oh, mom! Can you please stop talking about this house? Yes, we told you we would take care of it, but we also have other things to take care of. We’re selling it, okay? Kevin frowned.

Poor Michelle was even more distraught, imagining that her precious home would soon be gone. She moved into the nursing home and refused to look back on her sons. She was so hurt and felt orphaned by her children, whom she raised with all her heart and soul.

For illustrative purposes only |  Source: Pixabay

For illustrative purposes only | Source: Pixabay

About a week later, Brad Perkins, Simon’s 27-year-old son, returned home. After specializing in architecture, he moved to New York to work. He was transferred to a regional branch in his hometown and was delighted to live with his family.

During a family dinner, Brad noticed that his grandmother had disappeared. Curious, he asked his father and uncle where she was. “You told me Grandma stays with us every Tuesday and Wednesday. But I don’t see her here today. It’s Tuesday, isn’t it?” He asked. “Where is she?”

Simon and Kevin were a bit startled and speechless. They hadn’t told Brad.

“What is it, dad?” Uncle Kevin, what’s going on? Where is granny? Wait, let me call him.

Brad called Michelle’s number, but it was off.

“Weird. Grandma never turns off her phone. I’m going to call the landline,” he muttered and dialed the landline, but it was already disconnected.

“Dad…Uncle Kevin…What’s going on? Are you going to tell me, or do I have to go check it out?”

Unable to hold back the truth, Simon revealed Michelle’s whereabouts to his son. “She said she didn’t want to be a burden on us…that’s why we had to leave her there.”

“You left my grandmother in a nursing home?” Brad fumed. “How cruel and mean you are! I’m so ashamed of you! Grandma would never leave this house because it was Grandpa’s parting gift for her!”

Brad stormed out of the house and drove to meet Michelle.

For illustrative purposes only |  Source: Pexel

For illustrative purposes only | Source: Pexel

“Grandma, I-I’m so sorry this happened to you!” he cried after seeing Michelle at the nursing home. “I can’t leave you here like this.”

Even though Michelle was angry and upset with her children, she knew her grandson was innocent and she cried when she saw him. Brad was so mad at his dad and uncle, and he promised Michelle that he would fix everything soon.

“But how are you going to do that? the grandmother doubted. “Your dad and uncle are stubborn and have already sold the house…I’ve learned to accept disappointment and heartbreak, sweetie. It’s okay. And I’m glad I have at least one person who cares. of me.”

But Brad was determined. After comforting his grandmother, he immediately left to find the man who had bought his grandmother’s house.

“Do you want to buy this house???” the new owner, Alfred Turner, exclaimed in shock after Brad offered to buy it. “FYI, I bought it for $238,000 and spent $20,000 on renovations and repairs.”

Brad was determined to buy the house at all costs. He offered Alfred a solid $300,000 for the house. “$300,000…I’ll pay you $300,000 for this house. I just want it back. Please, Mr. Turner. Try to understand,” he negotiated.

Alfred agreed and the deal was done. Now all Brad had to do was prepare for the surprise.

For illustrative purposes only |  Source: Pixabay

For illustrative purposes only | Source: Pixabay

More than two weeks later, Brad paid the full amount and got his grandmother’s house back. He was lucky to redeem it in time because Alfred had planned to rent it out and move to his hometown of Denver.

Later that evening, Brad visited Michelle at the nursing home and asked her to pack. The old lady was confused and had no idea where he was taking her. Deep down, she hoped he wouldn’t take her to his house where his sons lived. She never wanted to see them again.

“You’ll know, Grandma,” Brad said as he drove to Michelle’s house.

“This road leads to my house,” Michelle exclaimed. “But why are we going there? This house is no longer mine.

Brad gaped and only smiled, eager to see his grandmother’s reaction later.

Moments later, they pulled up outside Michelle’s house, and she couldn’t hold back her tears. She looked around her house, surprised, as Brad helped her with her wheelchair.

Michelle felt like she had arrived at her doorstep from an era frozen in time. Just as she was drowning in her memories, Brad picked her up in his arms and gave her the house keys along with a note.

“What’s going on?” Michelle screamed. “Oh, my dear… Is this even happening? Did you buy this house? Are these the keys to my house? Oh, boy… please say Tell me that I’m not dreaming.”

Michelle was even more upset when she read the note:

“Grandma, I wouldn’t be here with you today if you hadn’t sacrificed so much to raise my father and uncle. Unfortunately, they never became good sons. But I promise to be a good grand- son and I will do anything to see that smile on your face I will never let anyone take your memories away from you This house is yours I love you, Brad.

Tears of joy flowed from Michelle as she hugged Brad, grateful to have a grandson like him. Brad was also moved to tears. He told her that the house belonged only to her.

For illustrative purposes only |  Source: Pixabay

For illustrative purposes only | Source: Pixabay

“I restored it to look exactly like you left it, grandma,” he said. “Grandpa’s photos and your favorite houseplants by your chair are where you left them.”

It was the best day of Michelle’s life. She ran her hands over the smooth walls of her home and rolled around in every nook and cranny crying. For added joy, Brad moved in with her because he wanted to make sure his father and uncle would never bother his beloved grandmother again.

Simon and Kevin then apologized to their mother, but the grief they inflicted on her was deeper than their regret. Michelle refused to talk to them, saying only time would heal everything.

As for Brad, he cut ties with his father and uncle. He was determined to treat them like they treated his poor grandmother and never forgave them. He even wanted to sue them, but after Michelle told him not to, he gave up on the idea and knew no contact would hurt any more. In the end, he became a protective fence around his beloved grandmother until her last breath!

For illustrative purposes only |  Source: Unsplash

For illustrative purposes only | Source: Unsplash

What can we learn from this story?

  • Your elders are not a burden, so love and respect them. Simon and Kevin had promised their mother never to leave her in a nursing home. But blinded by their worldly desires, they sent her to an aged care facility and sold her house. They lacked the love and affection their mother deserved at an advanced age and saw her only as a burden.
  • Your children will treat you the same way you treat your parents. When Brad learned that his father and uncle had sent his grandmother to a nursing home and kicked her out of her home, he was furious. He bought her the house and cut ties with her father and uncle. In the end, he also moved in with his grandmother to protect her from further heartbreak and trouble from her greedy sons.

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