The Benefits of a Rewarding Career in Nursing


12:38 14 June 2022

Whether you’re looking for a way to make a real difference in your community or looking for a rewarding career change, a caregiving role could be ideal for you.

Flexible working hours, specialized career paths and a range of new skills are just some of the benefits of working in care. “Making a positive difference in someone’s life and meeting great people gives you an unbeatable sense of fulfillment,” shares Georgina Farrow, Care Assistant at Prestige Nursing & Care.

Below, Georgina reveals how a career in care could be just what you’re looking for.

Having a loving nature, understanding each other’s needs and showing empathy are all essential qualities for a caregiver.
– Credit: Prestige Nursing & Care

Q: What qualities do you need to be a good caregiver?

A: Having a loving nature, an understanding of people’s needs, and empathy are all crucial aspects of being a caregiver. Whether you work with seniors, provide home care or respite care, dedication to improving a person’s quality of life is essential.

A person who is willing to put in the effort to make someone’s day better is often more suited to this type of work than they think. Confidence in your abilities comes with the support of your colleagues – having patience and a caring nature is fundamental.

Q: Do you need any qualifications or training for a career in care?

A: Previous experience can certainly help you feel good about your role, but it is not essential. NVQ or QCF certifications, care portfolios, and other relevant training can help match a caregiver with people who best match their abilities. Six months of care experience in a healthcare facility is also recommended.

We provide all newcomers with the training and tools they need. For those without nursing experience, we can offer training leading to nursing certificates for certain roles. We advise our caregivers to have a driving license as many clients will not be on their doorstep or easily accessible by public transport.

Q: Can you progress in care work?

A: Absolutely, the training programs offered allow employees to diversify their areas of interest and develop their skills. We have courses for caregivers who wish to learn how to administer medication for a wide range of conditions. It can open the door to working with people with specific illnesses, or even help someone branch out into nursing.

We provide care to a wide range of people, making it easier for a carer to test the waters and discover an area they want to specialize in.

Three carers sat on a bench, talking and laughing at Prestige Nursing, Norfolk

Development opportunities and flexible working hours help make care a very rewarding career path.
– Credit: Prestige Nursing & Care

Q: How varied is daily care work?

A: The work we do is extremely diverse, in large part due to our comprehensive range of services:

  • Home Care – an alternative to rest and nursing homes. A professional carer will live in a client’s property and support them in their daily tasks.
  • Respite care – a term used for short-term or temporary care. It provides a break for families from their caregiving duties. This can take place at home or in a residential setting.
  • Pediatric care – working with children, from toddlers to teenagers. This approach is family-centered and aims to facilitate independence and emotional well-being.
  • Palliative care – also known as end-of-life care. It’s about treatment and support for people with life-threatening illnesses.

Q: Are care rotation patterns flexible and regular?

A: Care work is a 24/7 job! This brings a lot of freedom and availability as to the shifts desired by the caregivers. Parents who prefer to take early or late shifts, or part-time caregivers with other commitments, can always talk to their managers about preferred shift schedules.

In my experience, caregivers who are open and honest about their preferred schedules usually get the schedules that work best for them.

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