The bill aims to strengthen the legal framework on the provision of community nursing services


A bill submitted by the Ministry of Health provides for the provision of community nursing services in Cyprus within a solid legal framework, Philenews reported on Monday.

The bill aims to fill major legislative gaps in the island’s health sector and its drafting began two years ago but was approved by Cabinet in early October.

Nursing services in patients’ homes are now provided by both the public and private sectors within the framework of the General Health System (Gesy).

However, there is a gap in the operation of the various companies that provide these services. The bill includes provisions on prerequisites as well as necessary criteria that must be met in order to ensure appropriate and high quality nursing services to citizens.

The ministry pointed out in an accompanying memo that “in recent years there has been a rapid increase in out-of-hospital services for the provision of community nursing care. These services are provided either by competent public bodies or by private initiatives.

“The absence of basic specifications to ensure a satisfactory level of services offered are the main weaknesses of the system applied today and this opens the way to possible exploitation of citizens.”


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