The Kiltoom Residents Company offers nursing services from the comfort of your home


A Kiltoom resident has launched an innovative initiative that allows residents of the Midlands to benefit from a range of nursing services from the comfort of their own homes, including blood tests, chemotherapy disconnection and dressing maintenance, including including PICC lines.

Heartlands Nursing Services, created by Mary Hanafin, allows members of the public who cannot or do not feel comfortable visiting a general practitioner to have their blood or other services checked by a team of nurses trained at their own home.

A growing number of family doctors have also been using the service since the start of Covid-19 for patients who are too sick or uncomfortable going to a medical center.

With the continued presence of Covid-19 in the Midlands community, Heartlands Nursing Services is offering patients the option of having their blood drawn by a trained phlebotomist at home, eliminating the need to visit their local GP.

A patient’s blood pressure, heart rate and temperature are also checked as standard at each visit, the results of which are also sent to your doctor.

Noting the need for such a service ahead of the impact of Covid-19, Mary says that with the increase of the coronavirus in the community, the demand for the use of the blood donor service and other nursing services is on the rise. increase in the proportion of doctors and residents. The settings.

“There is a high demand for home calls for blood drive at this time, especially with the prevalence of Covid-19. Patients who wish to use the service should request a form from their GP, consultant or hospital. , contact Heartlands Nursing Services and one of our teams of trained nurses and phlebotomists will come to their home to collect and collect a blood sample.The blood sample is then delivered to the laboratory for analysis, including results are returned to the requesting physician, ”explains Mary.

Other services such as disconnecting from chemotherapy without having to go to a large hospital can be provided by Heartlands Nursing Services at your home, while dressings can also be managed and maintained.

Mary, who lives in Kiltoom, has extensive experience in the healthcare industry with a Diploma in Critical Care Nursing.

After working for seven years in Melbourne, Australia in intensive care and in the community, she returned to Ireland to start working in the Midlands with a private medical company. She also worked as a nurse practitioner in a private general practitioner practice.

A qualified phlebotomist, Mary has extensive experience in the healthcare industry and encourages those who wish to take advantage of this innovative initiative to call 0894147625 or email: [email protected] for more information.


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