VOX Gibraltar News – GHA Appoints New Director of Nursing Services


GHA appoints new director of nursing services

The Gibraltar Health Authority has announced the appointment of Ms. Sandie Gracia as Director of Nursing Services. Ms. Gracia held the position on an acting basis and has now been officially appointed following the usual recruitment process.

The Director of Nursing Services is an integral part of GHA’s senior clinical management structure, overseeing all GHA nursing services and the overall management of patient care services. The position also involves advising the GHA Board of Directors on all aspects of nursing care and contributing to GHA strategic leadership, such as implementing strategies and reforms to improve the quality of patient care. .

Ms. Gracia began her career at GHA in 1987, when she began working as a student nurse. She obtained her RN diploma four years later, before being promoted to charge nurse and then clinical nurse manager in 2005.

Ms. Gracia commented on her promotion: “I feel truly honored, privileged and thrilled to have been appointed Director of Nursing Services. It gave me the platform to lead nursing staff in advocating for the further development of nursing as a profession in Gibraltar and pushing for high standards of care in all of our healthcare settings. As nurses, we are the first and last line of defense for patients, who often are not strong enough to defend themselves. It is up to us, as health care advocates, to strive to ensure that they receive the highest standard of care possible at all times.. “

GHA Medical Director Dr Daniel Cassaglia congratulated Ms Gracia, commenting that; “Ms. Gracia has worked tirelessly for the benefit of all patients on an interim basis. She has a thoughtful, caring and collaborative approach and always puts patients at the center of service, in all areas of GHA. I look forward to continuing our excellent working relationship to improve the organization and quality of healthcare provided to the people of Gibraltar.

The Minister of Health, Care and Justice, the Honorable Neil F. Costa, also congratulated Ms Gracia, adding: “I would like to congratulate Ms. Gracia on her appointment as Director of Nursing Services; she has proven to be an extremely valuable asset to GHA throughout her long nursing career and has proven to be an excellent leader during her time in this role. Sandie has made a vital contribution to many of our important reforms, especially leading a robust approach to bed management, which has resulted in major improvements in bed availability at St Bernard’s Hospital. She truly does her profession proud and I wish her the best in her new role.


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